Dos Equis’ New ‘Most Interesting Man in the World’ is not really that Interesting

He'll make you a spinach fettuccini, because hispsters
‘The Most Interesting Man in the World’ will make you a spinach fettuccini with shiitake mushroom, because hipsters

After much teasing, Dos Equis finally unveiled its first full-fledged commercial featuring French actor Augustin Legrand, the brand’s new “Most Interesting Man in the World.”

And he’s actually not that interesting.

Unlike Jonathan Goldsmith, Dos Equis’ original — and devastatingly handsome — Most Interesting Man in the World, the new guy comes across more like a hipster than a seductive “real man” á la Goldsmith. Unlike his predecessor, who enjoyed sharing a good meal surrounded by several gorgeous women, the new will make you a “spinach fettuccini with a shiitake mushroom glaze.”

Per Dos Equis, the action in the new ads take place entirely in the present era, unlike the old ones that included footage of a younger version of the man, suggesting a bygone era. The new spots — and spokesperson —  are also an attempt to attract more so-called millennials to the brand, proving once again that millennials just ruin everything.

Via: Dos Equis

20 thoughts on “Dos Equis’ New ‘Most Interesting Man in the World’ is not really that Interesting

  1. in the commercial, the woman is his equal. The point of the commercial is to show that this man is unique, but if that woman is his equal then what’s the point?

  2. Honestly she seemed more interesting, if they want to make a most interesting woman than do so but the man doesn’t cut it when replacing a legend.

  3. This is not a guy that I would want to hang out with. Yes, I am judging a book by its cover. He doesn’t look interesting or even all that Intelligent. He’s not handsome or distinguished looking. He looks unkept, and someone who doesn’t make the effort to maintain their own appearance, doesn’t seem like someone who would make an effort for anyone else, for any reason. Bad call on trying to update their image. Hope your sales suffer because of this. However, I truely hope the actors career doesn’t suffer because of poor marketing skills.

  4. New guy doesn’t even look new world hispanic. Sorry Dos Equis, I mute the new commercials. Bring the older gentleman back. Millenials just drink anything any ways (they are in their 20’s).

  5. I like the other dude better… this guy looks like a total derelict…hawkblll camping blade comes to mind…

  6. I love fettuccine and shitaki mushroom. This guy sucks cocktail. Like chicken rooster heads you guys are messed up. Get me or a real man not some fag

  7. Old ads rocked and were cool. New ones suck. Ya want to attract millennials sell Zima. Or spritzers

  8. This greasy looking slob looks Exactly the the homeless indigence guys you sre im poor Latin communities. I have lived in Bogota Colombia and Miami Florida all my life and this guy looks exactly like the drug dealing slobs in these poor communities! What the hell what you guys thinking when you replaced a sophisticated well mannered ” gentleman ” with this new greaseball ugly slob???

  9. worst commercial ever. i quit buying dos equips. spent a year working in Juarez and made lots of friends. i know the other guy was expensive but this guy is a fagot. not representing a man at all. it’s so sad cause great beer

  10. Stupid new ad and bad character choice – better off with no ad…
    New marketing guy had to make his mark. So his mark missed low and wide.

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