Christmas Gifts Ideas II: Share Your Hispanic Heritage

Don’t know what to give your Anglo friends this Christmas?

Worry no more. You can now give the gift of culture — and share all about your Hispanic heritage — with this unique Hispanic “ceremonial costume,” which is still in stock and can be yours for only $29.69 in The beauty of this costume, say its creators over at Kapan Early Learning Co., is that it will allow you to “celebrate cultural diversity.”

[This blogger has yet to figure out how this yellow thingy is a “Hispanic product,” but who cares? ‘Tis the season to be silly, er, jolly!]

2 thoughts on “Christmas Gifts Ideas II: Share Your Hispanic Heritage

  1. Not sure how Hispanic this is, though its color palette is a nice match to say, the national flag of Spain. I even found a touch of green in the flag (it’s in the jewels in the crown within the herald).

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