Look at that! A Mexican Christmas Tree Made with 500 Sombreros

This amazing thing has been created by indigenous artisans in Nacajuca, Tabasco. The 10-meter Christmas tree is decorated with 500 sombreros.

In addition to the sombreros, the 10-meter tree is adorned with 100 bags, traditional fans and drums, all of which were made by artisans from nearby Mayan towns.

Filing under “Mexicans: How can anyone not like us?”

Via: Tabasco Hoy


Merry Christmas from a CDMX Grinch Organ Grinder

Nothing says Christmas in Mexico City like a Grinch organillero.

If you’ve ever visited Mexico, I’m sure you have noticed the ubiquitous organ grinders (known as organilleros,) that tend to gather around main plazas or outside churches to provide entertainment –and one of the most characteristic sounds of my country.

Nowadays, most of Mexico’s organilleros belong to a union (formed in the late 1970s) and wear their characteristic brown uniform and hats. But there are exceptions, of course, as this dude found by a friend in CDMX, who roams about the streets of the capital city dressed up as none other but The Grinch.

And this, my friends, is the most charming thing I’ve seen lately in this annus horribilis.


‘Hispanic Santa’ Wears Sombrero, Whacks a Piñata


Marketers are one audacious bunch.

Take the people of Festified Holiday Clothing, who took some time this week to send this blogger a sales pitch for their upcoming Feliz Navidad sweater line, featuring “multicultural Santa” (i.e. Hispanic and Black).

The $65 Feliz Navidad sweater (mind you, it’s discounted from $70) features “Hispanic Santa,” which in case you were wondering, is Hispanic because he’s brown faced and is holding a stick to whack a piñata.

Now, if piñatas and sombreros are not your thing, you can also go for the Men’s Lighted Multicultural Black Santa, who is — well — just black, though if you asked me, doesn’t look as merry as the Hispanic one.MLMCSVBL_Lighted_Multi_Cultured_Santa_Vest_Mens_Black_Support1__17105.1411346860.1280.1280

To be fair, the marketing people behind these things were honest enough to acknowledge right off the bat that these sweaters are ugly.

Not racist, they say, just ugly.

Oh well.

CLICK on the photo below to see the full pitch. It’s gold!

El pitch
El pitch



Urban Outfitters Wants you to Hang an Avocado Toast Ornament on your Christmas Tree 🙄

Avocado-loving hipsters must be stopped before it’s too late

As if the avocado frozen dessert and the avocado Halloween costume weren’t enough, the nonsensical avocado frenzy that is sweeping America off its feet is already feeling the Christmas spirit.

Take the Avocado Toast Christmas Ornament, currently on sale at Urban Outfitters for “only” $10, which makes not only a great gift –says the store– but “it looks so good, you’ll want to take a bit out it!”

I’m pretty sure this thing is Made in China and whatnot, but if I were to hang some ridiculousness on my Christmas tree, I’d rather hang the plasticky glitter bacon thing.

And now seriously: LEAVE AVOCADOS ALONE!

To all Followers — and Detractors — of this Venerable Blog:


Before you go all crazy on me, let me clarify one thing: I did not invent the above awesomeness — of course. I have been busy taking siestas, eating tacos and sipping tequila (I’m Mexican, remember?) to be working on such an elaborate work of art.

Thank God I have the entire World Wide Web working for me to serve you people better.

So, without further ado: ¡Feliz Navidad, Happy New Year and all that. I hope to see y’all here in 2017 and beyond*

*Hay que darle duro al Trumpo

Christmas Gifts Ideas II: Share Your Hispanic Heritage

Don’t know what to give your Anglo friends this Christmas?

Worry no more. You can now give the gift of culture — and share all about your Hispanic heritage — with this unique Hispanic “ceremonial costume,” which is still in stock and can be yours for only $29.69 in Amazon.com. The beauty of this costume, say its creators over at Kapan Early Learning Co., is that it will allow you to “celebrate cultural diversity.”

[This blogger has yet to figure out how this yellow thingy is a “Hispanic product,” but who cares? ‘Tis the season to be silly, er, jolly!]

5 Mexican-Themed Gifts to Spice up Your Christmas

This maraca-wielding Santa will ‘only’ cost you $154 on Amazon.com


Have you run out of Christmas gift ideas? Are you looking for something that will show  your love for other cultures and stuff without breaking the bank? Amazon has you covered.

Amazon.com has a wealth of “multicultural Christmas stuff,” including tons of Mexican-themed Christmas ornaments, music and more. So here are my 5 FAVES, most of which go for under $25 and are most likely Made in China, with the exception of the maraca-wielding Santa, which for some strange reason will cost you a whopping $154.

1. The Westland Aye Chihuahua Guillermo Mexican Sombrero Tealight Candle Holder


2. The Sombrero-Wearing International Snowman


3. The Benelux Aluminum Mexican Flag Christmas Ornament


4. The Feliz Navidad Bossa Nova Latin CD thing


5. And – of course – The $153 maraca-wielding Santa


My Office Welcomes Visitors with Mexican Christmas Flowers

Yes. That's a pool table back there...
Nochebuenas at the CBS Interactive offices in NYC. (Yeah, that’s a pool table in the background)

I know you were dying to know that Poinsettias (aka Euphorbia pulcherrima) are none other than the archfamous Mexican — and Central American — Christmas flowers better known as Nochebuenas or flores de pascua, which are not to be confused with these other delicious Nochebuenas.

The best part about Poinsettias?

Their English name derives from Joel Roberts Poinsett, the first United States Minister to Mexico, who introduced the plant into the United States in 1825.

Now you know.

Let’s drink to Joel Roberts Poinsett.


The 'other' Nochebuena
The ‘other’ Nochebuena

Santas Trompetas! Mariachi-Clad Santas Take Over New York City

One of the many perks of living in New York City is that, no matter where you go -or what mood you’re in- you will always bump into a band of authentic mariachis wearing Santa hats. Well, maybe not always, but it happened to me this week at the unbearably touristy, and easily avoidable Columbus Circle shopping mall.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering: that thing showing behind the glass is one of Salvador Dalí’s famous melting watches. How cool is this!