‘The New York Times’ en Español Promises More Color, Sombreros than the ‘Regular New York Times’

nytimesOne of the many great things about being multilingual is that you get to read your media in their original language, without having to resort to translations (which can be terrifying). And that is why, for example, I like to read The New York Times in, well, English.

However, judging from the above ad that just popped up on my Facebook feed, I might be giving their Spanish-language version a chance.

I mean, who can resist an invitation to “analyze the world” with the promise of colorful gay parades and men hugging men while wearing a sombrero?

Count me in!


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3 thoughts on “‘The New York Times’ en Español Promises More Color, Sombreros than the ‘Regular New York Times’

  1. Siempre es bueno capturar la atención de un nuevo lector. Take time to explore beyond our translations (which are very good, btw, done by a team of professional translators here in Mexico City and edited by reporters and editors from all over Latin America) and read our original reportajes and crónicas en español (by writers like Sinar Alvarado, Alicia Hernández and Paula Duran) and original essays and op-eds by the likes of Gabriela Wiener and Martín Caparrós. Excelente periodismo y diversidad de perspectivas. No te arrepentirás. Abrazo. EL

  2. As for the image – duly noted: looking into killing it if it’s misconstrued. It’s from a gay pride march en Ciudad de México, one of other images we use from events around the region. Maybe we should kill it.

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