White House Restores Spanish-language Twitter Account; Tweets Typo, of Course

Can you spot the typo?

Well, that was fast!

After much criticism for having deleted all of its Spanish-language content online, Donald Trump’s White House on Tuesday restored the @LaCasaBlanca Twitter handle, one that had remained idle since the new administration took over on January 20. The account came back with a simple tweet, welcoming Spanish speakers and inviting them to follow and stay in touch with the latest news.

Many Hispanics took to Twitter to react, mostly to respond they would never follow the new administration and some even pointed out a tiny grammatical mistake, which even to this blogger is not really a big deal: The lack of the opening exclamation point in the last phrase.

However… barely a few hours later, a second Spanish-language tweet arrived, this time to inform us about the appointment of Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court. The problem? This time they went with a full typo, writing “Defenderála” (a non-existent word) to explain what Gorsuch will supposedly do with the Constitution.

Oh well, looks like the new administration and their “Hispanic communication experts” will be giving this blogger tons of material to work with.

Via: CNET en Español

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