5 thoughts on “Who Says Only Gringos Have G.I. Joe’s?

  1. I’m white. You callin’ me a gringo? Isn’t that a term used when you don’t like me? You sayini’ you don’t like me, man? How come? You some kind of racist or sumpin’? I don’t call you names, man. I served with Mexican GIs. Most were great. Some were assholes. Not because they were Mexican, but because they were just assholes. Don’t call me a gringo. You don’t know me, chingadero. I could say so much more, but I might hurt your feelings. I know you’re a really intelligent and sensitive guy/gal.

  2. Hi Duke,

    First of all, thanks for reading.

    No, I don’t mean anything offensive by using the word “gringo”… I have tons of American friends who call themselves “gringos” and no, they don’t find the term offensive -and frankly neither do I.

    If you read my blog regularly, you’ll realize I am not at all into hateful, racist diatribes… In fact, My blog was partly created to fight these hateful, racist stereotypes which abound … (Granted, I mostly focused on stereotypes surrounding Latinos, but you will realize I’m up in arms against racism all together…)

    I am 100% with you that when people are assholes, they are assholes, regardless their ethnicity or nationality. No disagreements there!

    I invite you to read / browse and continue to sharing your feedback! (take it from a Mexican gal who has plenty of wonderful, diverse -and many gringo- friends)

  3. huy que sentido!

    In fact if you look up the word “gringo”in the dictionary, you’ll see it’s no an offensive word:


    On the other hand people of or from USA call themselves “americans”.
    America is no a country, its a continent , so tell me, how do you want me to call you?

    Don’t be offended and enjoy Laura’s blog.

    Hey, Laura, wait for a note from the “chilangos” 🙂

  4. Duke, you’re not a gringo, you’re a dumb gringo. Here’s what I suggest, learn what the word means, you should also read up on what racism is as you are obviously confused. Lastly, try not to talk, or write authoritatively, unless you are an authority on the subject. It’ll only get you in trouble.

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