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Mexican Veganism Is Veganism I Can Actually Embrace ūüź∑

Are you a MEAT lover, but want to get into the whole healthy-vegan-kale-gluten-free hipster BS trend thing? Worry not. My people have come up with an amazing idea! I give you Vegan Bread Crumbs, a gluten-free, vegan product you can … Continue reading

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Sushi Tacos Are the Latest Food Craze, Because some People Want to Watch the World Burn

Not content with ruining everything with the taco-topped pizza, the Quesalupa and the Biscuit Taco, Americans are at it again. Meet the SUSHI-TACO, the latest food craze that will¬†soon take over your Instagram account. According to my very reliable sources … Continue reading

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America Has Concocted a ‘Latino Croissant,’ Because why the Hell Not?

America, land of the free, and home of the meatless chorizo and the Chicken Taco Grande Ring, is now giving us the “Latino croissant,” which this blogger believes it’s a croissant, but Latino… whatever *that* means. Hat tip: @widestance

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Regular Sour Cream Becomes ‘Mexican Style Sour Cream’ on Amazon Fresh, because Marketing

Remember the YogaDirect Mexican Deluxe Yoga Mat? Well, you can now add another “very special” Mexican product to your Amazon shopping cart. From the Amazon Fresh Grocery and Gourmet Food department, I give you the LALA Mexican¬†Style Sour Cream, which … Continue reading

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Dominique Ansel and Alex Stupak Think this Thing Is a Taco

Dear Dominique Ansel and Alex Stupak, I seriously think you guys are lovely and all, but can you please — PLEEEEASE — not call your “swirl of roasted corn caramel, lime zest, sea salt, and smokey salsa verde on the … Continue reading

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This Taco Truck in Manhattan Has Best Name Ever

The food is not as awesome as the¬†name, but¬†it’s OK. Photo: Laura Mart√≠nez, 2016, Harlem

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Pillsbury Wants you to Believe this ‘thing’ is a Taco. It’s not

As if Taco Bell‚Äôs efforts to sell you¬†‚Äúmake-believe‚ÄĚ Mexican food weren‚Äôt enough, Pillsbury is now peddling the Chicken Taco Grande Ring,¬†yet another¬†American-made concoction¬†that¬†will make sure¬†your children will grow up¬†with a¬†twisted¬†idea of what my people¬†(i.e. The Mexicans) really eat. According to … Continue reading

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