California Wants Kids to go Out to ‘Juagar’ -or Something


It is always a good thing when U.S. organizations take the time to embrace other cultures -and languages. But, here’s a piece of advice: If you are a children’s museum seeking to encourage children to play and explore in English -and Spanish- you will be well advised to use proper Spanish translations and -ding!- do it right.

Now, you probably don’t have tons of money to hire someone awesome like, ahem, myself, but heck! at least you can use Google Translate. See below. It works!

Screen Shot 2014-07-30 at 2.02.35 PM

So in a nutshell: Don’t be freaking lazy; do your job properly or stop “juagando” with my people.

UNLESS, of course, you meant to say “JuanGa” in which case I’m in and I wan to play!

Hat tip: Begoña Lozano, purveyor of awesome postings.

Nicaragua Invades Costa Rica; Blames Google Maps, Which in Turns Blames the U.S. State Department

Turns out Nicaragua invaded neighboring Costa Rica this, only to blame Google Maps for the embarrassing incident.

As it turns out, Nicaragua’s highest military “intelligence” relied solely on Google Maps to figure out their country’s borders, and in no way “meant” to go where nobody had invited them to.

As a Nicaraguan commander told the local press: he was just following what Google Maps said, and he never intended to go into the neighboring country.

But Google Maps was not ready to take blame for the whole mess, and instead quickly pointed the finger to the real culprit:

The U.S. Department of State has provided a corrected version and we are now working to update our maps.

I am still waiting on the U.S. State Department’s answer, but I think they are still trying to figure out where this whole thing is taking place.