Sushi Tacos Are the Latest Food Craze, Because some People Want to Watch the World Burn

What the hell is this?

Not content with ruining everything with the taco-topped pizza, the Quesalupa and the Biscuit Taco, Americans are at it again.

Meet the SUSHI-TACO, the latest food craze that will soon take over your Instagram account.

According to my very reliable sources (i.e. the Internet,) sushi tacos first started popping up on Instagram thanks to Tail and Fin, a restaurant in — where else? — Las Vegas, which is serving up “white rice topped with fish and vegetables and nestled inside a circular seaweed shell.”

But. Wait. A. Second.

Guess what, you dimwits? A “white rice topped with fish and vegetables and nestled inside a circular seaweed shell” is not a taco, it’s just sushi, so stop it already!



In Ongoing Effort to Secure the Hispanic Vote, Hillary Makes Strategic Stop in Tacos El Gordo


As  part of her ongoing effort to woo my people (i.e. taco-loving Hispanics) Democratic Presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton this week made a very important stop in Tacos El Gordo, a Las Vegas staple.

According to — who else? — Spanish-language media, Clinton ordered two tacos: one of carne adobada and one of asada. 

Two tacos might not sound like a lot, but according to my sources, la Clinton wanted them “con todo,” because you know how politician types can be like. They always want, like, everything.

Via: Tacos El Gordo

Going to Vegas? Look out for a Trio of Latina Swindlers

'We don't know what to do here; it's our first time.' NOT
‘We don’t know what to do here; it’s our first time.’ NOT

It took me a while to realize this was not an ad touting the latest Latina-escort service, but a regular daytime TV commercial to entice you to Visit Las Vegas.

Watch as a trio of apparently-innocent señoritas set out to trick a bunch of gringos into believing that they just arrived and it’s their first time in Vegas.

Psssst: It’s NOT!

Hat tip: Marco Lopez