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Sushi Tacos Are the Latest Food Craze, Because some People Want to Watch the World Burn

Not content with ruining everything with the taco-topped pizza, the Quesalupa and the Biscuit Taco, Americans are at it again. Meet the SUSHI-TACO, the latest food craze that will soon take over your Instagram account. According to my very reliable sources … Continue reading

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The Huffington Post Replaces Words with Taco Emojis, Because Nothing Makes Sense Any More 🌮🌮

Nothing to add here. We have all gone mental.

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In Ongoing Effort to Secure the Hispanic Vote, Hillary Makes Strategic Stop in Tacos El Gordo

As  part of her ongoing effort to woo my people (i.e. taco-loving Hispanics) Democratic Presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton this week made a very important stop in Tacos El Gordo, a Las Vegas staple. According to — who else? — Spanish-language media, Clinton … Continue reading

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Going to Vegas? Look out for a Trio of Latina Swindlers

It took me a while to realize this was not an ad touting the latest Latina-escort service, but a regular daytime TV commercial to entice you to Visit Las Vegas. Watch as a trio of apparently-innocent señoritas set out to trick a bunch of gringos into believing … Continue reading

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Happy Chinchilli Day! I’m Off to Vegas…

Well, not really… but I thought a hard-won victory over an army of Mexican gun-wielding chinchillas is a great excuse to take some time off. Ah… the wonders of advertising! Video: Las Vegas Tourism Board

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