My Thoughts on the Whole “Latinx” Debate

I made a meme

I really didn’t want to do it, but then I thought about it and, well, what the heck? In my latest column for Hispanic Executive Magazine I went down the “x” rabbit hole and tried to “Hisplain” the so-called controversy around “Latinx.”

In a nutshell:

I must tell you I do not use “Latinx” in my daily life or my writing, nor do I identify myself as such. (Truth be told, I’m totally fine being called whatever—as long as you don’t call me before 8:00 a.m.)

But you can also click here to read the whole thing…


Not All Latinos Are Created Equal –and Goya Knows it

Fútbol? Nah, this kid wants to play hockey. SHOCKER: He’s a “Latino!”

So much for the bad blood between this blogger (i.e. yours truly) and Hispanic Heritage Month. Goya has launched a new campaign which is actually a fun way to show America what I HAVE BEEN SAYING, like, FOREVER: That not all Latinos are fond of fútbol, abuelas or conservative values.

The following spot, crafted by Dallas-based Dieste, kicks off with a hilarious take on a Latin stereotype that is way too common in this country:

[NARRATOR’S VOICE] They say if you know one Latino, you know all Latinos: We only think of fútbol and nothing but fútbol.

Pan out to a scene where dad & kid are having breakfast (¿huevos rancheros?) and kid blurts out: “Dad, I want to play hockey.”


But perhaps my favorite part is around the subject of language, where you can get away by saying, well, they all speak Spanish… REALLY? Think again:

Frijoles > Habichuelas > Porotos > Judías*

*Yes, judías. Go Google it or something…


Trump, Still Strong Among Grammatically-Challenged Latinos

While president Donald Trump claims that his crusade for more border security and the construction of a southern border wall have made his popularity rise among Hispanics, pollsters consulted by Politico and other media outlets have put those numbers into question. Not only that, a closer look to recent polls show holes in the methodology and show that Hispanic support for the president is not really on the rise.

Percentages and polls aside, Latinos and Latinas (or as some like to say “Latinx”) who still support the president would be well-advised to proofread their Spanish-language messages.

Via: @stonecold2050

Last time I checked, the correct Spanish translation of Latinos for Trump was Latinos por Trump and not Latinos PARA Trump” as some will have you believe. But I guess they don’t really care, do they? Heck, they even have their own t-shirts!

Time to Change ‘Obámanos’ to ‘Mejor ya Vámonos’

You might not know this, but around 2011 many Latinos across the U.S. started to adopt the term Obámanos (sometimes also Obamanos, sans accent) to describe those people of Hispanic origin supporting president Barack Obama.

But as we approach the fatidic, darkest day of January 20th, those enthusiastic Obama-loving Latinos would be well advised to tweak a little their weirdly written creative slogan to make it sound more in tune with our current situation.

How about: Mejor Obámonos a Self Deport!

Harlem Shoe Store Proudly Peddling Pablo Escobar Gear, Because ‘Narcos’

Stay classy, New York
Stay classy, New York

This shoe and clothing store has been around for ages in the corner of Broadway and 150th street, but only yesterday I noticed a new addition to their offer: a bright red baseball cap featuring none other than Pablo Escobar.

I have no idea if that thing is for sale or it’s just sitting there as a sort of good-luck charm. Either way, I think it’s awesome and Netflix should be super proud.

Photo: Laura Martínez, Harlem 2016

Meet the Sarape-clad Latino-Muslim Undocumented Terrorist

Meet the Sarape-clad Latino-Muslim undocumented terrorist
Meet the Sarape-clad Latino-Muslim undocumented terrorist

Awwww, my people can be so creative! (and by that I mean both, Latinos and editors.)

Take the National Institute for Latino Policy (NALIP), which recently posted the findings of a five-year-old study about the misrepresentation of Latinos and Muslims in national broadcast and cable news.

Among other things, the study found that both, Latinos and Muslims are overrepresented as the ‘bad guys’ across national TV, with Latinos being — almost invariably — undocumented criminals and Muslims, well, hopeless terrorists.

But hold on. I’m all up for my people (and everybody else’s people) not to be singled out as the bad guys on television. But I do think using a Sarape-Inspired Male Niqab to illustrate this story is a bit of a stretch.

I mean… I just went LOL.

Google’s Latino-Specific Web Domain has Mexicans Talking

Google this month launched a new Web domain – .soy – that is “intended to create a place online for the Hispanic community,” because apparently, we have nothing to do with the whole .com community (or, as I like to call it, the regular Internet.)

But while the new domain has had its detractors and its share of criticism, I can assure you at least my Mexican friends are taking the whole thing very seriously.

To wit.


Gracias, @elementoL2

‘Rolling Stone’ Jumps on the Hot Latino Bandwagon with ‘Latin Hot List’ Featuring Latin Hot People

ImageGracing the cover* of the Nov. 8 issue of Rolling Stone‘s The Latin Hot List 2013 is Naya Rivera, which according to Rolling Stone’s non-hot, non-Latin editors is “the hottest cheerleader” on television, Naya Rivera.

Since I have not bought my copy yet, I’m not quite sure who else is on the hot list but I’m pretty sure I’m not on it. (I’m actually freaking cold, as we speak.)

Editor’s Note: The Latin Hot List 2013 appears on the flip cover the magazine’s Nov. 8 issue, which actually pays homage to the great, non-Latin Lou Reed.

CNN Can’t Tell Difference Between Curves and Love Handles

Screen shot 2013-10-21 at 11.20.33 AM

I am not the one to criticize misleading headlines. After all, I use them all the time, for they can make all the difference between actually clicking on one story or ignoring it forever.

So, when I saw had a story about Latinos and our ‘curves,’ I couldn’t help but clicking on it (secretly hoping there would be a mention of big-butted Latinas like myself). To my disappointment, CNN was actually reporting on obesity, diabetes and other health-related issues, and not about my people’s real curves like these ones here or here.

It looks to me the above photograph is more suited for a story about Latinos and how we’re basically doomed by our penchant for American fast-food -the only type affordable in this day and age. [To CNN’s credit though, I must confess my curves are starting to look more and more like llantas, but, well, that’s another story.]

Let’s Help PA Governor Find a Latino, Shall We?

Poor Tom Corbett; he was asked to talk about the Latino vote and complicated stuff like that… But how on Earth can this poor soul possibly answer all those questions when he needs help from a reporter to even find a Latino? (1:50 in the video.)

Let’s give him a hand shall we? Perhaps he can start here, at the annual Carnaval de Puebla en Filadelfia.

I can spot several, can you?


Video: Al Día

Hey, Latinos in America: Get Off Your Tía’s Couch and Make Yourselves Count!

As of 2010, this blogger is making a personal commitment to support every single initiative aimed at having Latinos take part on the upcoming Census. Why? Well, that’s the least I can do after having read a very disturbing -and quite embarrassing- revelation about my people in the international press.

Asked by The Economist why Latinos continue to be left out in U.S. Census statistics, the executive director of the National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials, Arturo Vargas, put it simply:

“If you live in a garage or on somebody’s couch, as many Latinos do, it is easy not to be counted.”

So there you have it. Get off your tía‘s sillón or step out of your pana‘s garage and make yourself count!

Geraldo Rivera Foresees Era of Prosperity for Latinos. Perhaps He Could Help me Find a Job?

The%20Great%20Progression_widecI just love the frenzy that surrounds all-things-Latino every now and then.

This time, the limelight is on someone’s our favorite Fox News commentator and Latino peddler Geraldo Rivera, who has just released a book pompously aptly titled: The Great Progression: How Hispanics Will Lead America to a New Era of Prosperity.

The book retails for $24.95, which is, like, mucho dinerito for those of us who are yet to find the prosperity Mr. Rivera is talking about. But, heck, if he is right, I am sure I will soon be able to afford it –along with some good health insurance.

¡Sí, se puede!