Leguizamo Embraces Latino Tokenism –Because Latin Things

Latino Tokenism Is a Thing

This blogger is not only tired of having worked 15 hours straight today. She’s also tired of weird Latin things like “Latino Tokenism” a term recently coined by comedian/entrepreneur Latin person John Leguizamo to explain why quotas (i.e. tokenism) are OK as long as Latinos get a piece of the trillion-dollar market we’re supposed to represent.

“I will take tokenism, quotas, just put one of us in there, he says. We are 20% of the population with $2 trillion in buying power […] That is the U.S. budget for this year. We have buying power. There is green to have, put us there, and you will see it,” Leguizamo said during a recent panel in Miami.

OK more tomorrow, I need to sleep –go dream of non Latin things.


Miami Baker Concocts Cake Featuring Fried Ham Croquetas –Because Miami

Behold the ‘Cuban tiramisú’

if you thought the Dunkin Donuts’ Cuban Sandwich wasn’t enough to lure you to the Sunshine State, consider this:

Andy Herrera, a happy-looking Miami baker based in Hialeah, is having his social-media moment of glory thanks to an abomination unusual creation of his: A vanilla cake filled with whipped cream, Nutella –and dozens golden brown, fried ham croquetas. Yup.

I know there are many things I don’t like/understand about Miami, but this one simply takes the cake (bad pun intended.)

Intrigued? Go read this here. I’m done.

Photo: MiamiHerald.com

‘Latinas for Trump’ Want to Trade their President for Trump –or Something

I think they meant to say 'para' not 'por,' unless.....
I think you wanted to say ‘para’ not ‘por’

Yes, there is a group called Latinas for Trump and, yes, they like to look red hot and seriously think America can be made great again. OK, that’s great, but, as the group readies an important gathering in –where else? — South Florida, they will be well-advised to proofread their Spanish-language messages.

Last time I checked, the Spanish translation of Trump for President was “Trump para presidente,” and not “por.” But perhaps as my smart pants Twitter buddy Colin Docherty says, they might just want to trade their president for Trump. For some reason.

Who knows?

Photos: via @foxnewslatino
Photos: via @foxnewslatino


JOB ALERT: Cinco de Mayo Ass Models Needed in Miami


Awwww, America: The land of the free, home of the brave — and the Milwaukee Taco Fest — is also the place to go to advance your career.

Take the above job opportunity hailing from — where else? — Florida, where some dude needs to hire 4 women for an adult business Cinco de Mayo event. Required are two “promo models” and two “ass models,” who will be paid $420/hr and $250/hr, respectively, for the gig. Ladies must be “fun, friendly and not uptight,” so boring, unfriendly and anxious señoritas, please refrain.

I don’t know about you, but I’m super interested in this thing, so I’m off to polish my… resume.

Let’s see if I can finally make some money off my Latin talents.

I will keep you posted.

The ‘Miami Herald’ is About to Get Muy Caliente…


Ah… Hispanic Heritage Month is not even here and marketers and publishers are already getting very excited.

Take the Miami Herald, which is already hyping up interest for Caliente, a free Spanish-language tabloid featuring stories that most concern my people (i.e. gossip, bikinis, fútbol) and other relevant, up-to-date news items (Who could have possibly killed Natalie Wood?)

According to the Random Pixels blog, Miami Herald publisher David Landsberg, has been sending out an email to the newsroom announcing that the paper had come up with a new publication catering to the Herald‘s most neglected and overlooked demographic: Hispanics.

But didn’t they already have the El Nuevo Herald to cater to the most neglected and overlooked demographic? I’m confused.

Hat tip: @HispanicTips

Dunkin Donuts’ Cuban Sandwich Luckily Only Available in Miami


And just when I needed one more reason to not visit Miami, Dunkin Donuts has introduced the all-new Cuban sandwich, featuring roasted pork loin, Swiss cheese and ham on an oven-toasted thing it dares to call a “French roll.”

But if you think this beauty does not look Cuban enough, consider this: The meat is topped with a “creamy Cuban spread of Dijon mustard and chipped dill pickle,” because, as we all know, nothing screams Cuba like Dijon mustard and chipped dill pickle.

Fortunately for this blogger, the Cuban sandwich is for sale exclusively in restaurants located in the Miami-Fort Lauderdale area.

¡Ay, qué pena!

Photo: @RISHayyy

Marketing Executives to be Immersed in Culture and Diversity… at a Miami Supermarket

Unlike regular Publix, Publix Sabor sells papas, refrescos and frijoles, instead of potato chips, sodas and beans.

Hispanic marketers and agencies are heading this weekend to Miami for the ANA Multicultural Marketing & Diversity Annual Conference.

And what better way to showcase diversity than immersing attendees to a genuine Hispanic experience?  Organizers have partnered with AHAA, to take attendees to a Cultural Immersion Tour, which, according to the agenda:

[…] will start at Publix Super Market’s 61,000-sq. ft. SABOR store in Hialeah, where attendees will sample an assortment of Hispanic Publix Deli plates.  Store management will guide small groups of attendees through the various departments and highlight products, such as Publix’ line of Hispanic brand products.”

For reasons I have yet to comprehend, this blogger has NOT been invited to such Cultural Feast, but perhaps things will change when they realize I actually go into full Mexican gear when cooking and stuff.

We’ll see.