Leguizamo Embraces Latino Tokenism –Because Latin Things

Latino Tokenism Is a Thing

This blogger is not only tired of having worked 15 hours straight today. She’s also tired of weird Latin things like “Latino Tokenism” a term recently coined by comedian/entrepreneur Latin person John Leguizamo to explain why quotas (i.e. tokenism) are OK as long as Latinos get a piece of the trillion-dollar market we’re supposed to represent.

“I will take tokenism, quotas, just put one of us in there, he says. We are 20% of the population with $2 trillion in buying power […] That is the U.S. budget for this year. We have buying power. There is green to have, put us there, and you will see it,” Leguizamo said during a recent panel in Miami.

OK more tomorrow, I need to sleep –go dream of non Latin things.


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