Latinas Have Hot & Steamy Relationships with Their Coffee

Not content with launching a “Latin-inspired” line of products featuring a hot & steamy abuela and producing its own telenovela, Coffee Mate is back on its “hot steamy” theme, this time in the form of a short video featuring a Latina having way too much pleasure with her coffee.

Is this supposed to be a plug for the equally pathetic 50 Shades of Gray or what is this thing exactly?

Hat tip: Julio Varela

Coffee Mate Preps Telenovela, Because Why the Hell Not?

CremaNot content with bringing my people (the Hispanics) a line of Latin-inspired creamers, Nestle’s Coffee Mate tonight is premiering a telenovela: Crema con aroma de café, presumably because only a good, steamy drama will compel us to put chemically-processed stuff into our café sin leche.

Coffee Mate’s webnovela premieres tonight at 9PM EST/6 PM PST somewhere on Facebook.

This blogger might be busy doing other, equally important, things (i.e. looking for a date  on Walter Mercado’s new dating site.) But, heck, don’t let me stop you.

Here’s a preview. Enjoy!

DISCLAIMER: I kind of love the name of this thing, though. There, I said it.

Coffee Mate’s ‘Latin-Inspired Products’ Include Hot, Steamy ‘Abuelita’ -Of Course


Not to be outdone by the likes of Mattel and Oscar Mayer with their Latin-inspired dolls and Hispanic-targeted cold cuts, Nestlé’s Cofee Mate is launching a series of “Latin-inspired products” and promoting them on Twitter with a super inventive Latin handle: #LatinTouch.

Here’s one of Coffee Mate’s pitches on Twitter.

Coffee Mate’s Latin Touch thing includes Nestlé’s popular Mexican Chocolate Abuelita, featuring the great Sara García, who is having, posthumously, a second life as a “hot, steamy” Latina.

Because, aren’t we all?

Hat tip: @latinorebels

Latino Moms Dress up Kids in Nestlé Parafernalia for no Apparent Reason

Remember when Facebook was this fun place to hang out with friends and family?

Well, it looks like Mark Zuckerberg has succeeded in turning his social network into a fun place to hang out with friends, family…. and a bunch of multinationals.

Take Nestle’s Facebook Spanish-language page, which is encouraging Latino families to share their “Nestlé-related experiences” with over 34,000 fans… and everyone else for that matter.

I have no idea what Nestlé is offering these families, but it’d better damn good (a ton of money or a life-time supply of Nescafé, perhaps?) Otherwise, I could not conceive any other reason why I would dress up my kids in cardboard boxes of Maggie, DiGiornio and Carnation.

Is it just me?

Photo: Nestlé El Mejor Nido