I May Have Found a Reason to Watch this Year’s Super Bowl …

Several reasons, actually: Los Tigres del Norte do the Super Bowl LIV.

I’ve never been a fan of so-called American football –and you wouldn’t catch me dead watching hours upon hours of a Super Bowl. But all this will very likely change on Sunday, February 2, 2020 when my favorite band EVER is set to star in the opening video for Fox Sports’ broadcast of Super Bowl LIV.

Per a company press release:

Los Tigres del Norte and FOX Deportes joined forces for the first time to create a video, filmed in San Jose, celebrating the legacy of Los Tigres del Norte, the 100 seasons of the NFL, and the passion felt by Hispanics for football.

Okay, I might just watch my tigres doing their thing and then move onto more interesting things (happy hour at my local pub probably), but still… ¡Ajúa!

Via: Fox Sports

NFL Players Warned as they Head to Mexico: Don’t Leave Hotel; Don’t Eat the Food; Don’t Move…


Poor NFL players. I’m sure for many of them this will be their first — and only — chance to visit Mexico before the wall goes up and all, but they’re already being warned about some scary shit they will likely encounter as they head “over there,” South of the Rio Grande, you know?

A memo obtained by the Associated Press was distributed to the Houston Texans Wednesday and included a page of information concerning their upcoming Mexico trip. Among the warnings was:

“Eat all meals in the meal room. DO NOT order room service” and “DO NOT eat outside of the team meal room.”

It was followed by a line advising players to leave all “expensive jewelry at home,” not to bring large sums of money and not to use ATMs.

Houston Texans will face the Oakland’s Raiders in Mexico City on Monday, Nov. 21, 2016 — If they manage to leave their room, that is.

Via: USA Today


Watch NFL Latino Superstar Mark Sanchez Treat Teammate as Human Tissue

Yeah… This is just what we needed to get the U.S. media say more nice things about us, The Mexicans.

Watch Latino NFL superstar Mark Sanchez pick his nose and then wipe a booger on teammate Mark Brunell Sunday night… [all while losing 19 to 24 to the Steelers in what could have been their ticket to the Super Bowl XLV.)

I recall seeing plenty of Kleenex growing up in Mexico. I swear.