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How Do you Say ‘Star Wars’ en Español? … Well 👇🏾

So, Star Wars Episode IX is officially here –and regardless what you think of its new title (Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, its presentation will go down in history thanks to the cutest Guatemalan in the room. Watch as Oscar … Continue reading

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Darth Vader, Stormtroopers Help the Mexican Government Raise Awareness of HIV, Because Mexico

Campeche is not only one of my favorite Mexican states; it is also the force behind a deliciously bizarre government advertising campaign to help raise awareness of HIV and AIDS. Using the slogan HIV doesn’t kill; discrimination does, the government … Continue reading

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Watch Evo Morales Fight Evil, Seek Reelection á la ‘Star Wars’

Evo Morales is not your typical Latin American president, and that’s a good thing. As part of his relentless campaign to be reelected, Morales has jumped on the Star Wars: Episode VIl – The Force Awakens bandwagon to ask Bolivians to choose … Continue reading

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Mexicans are Loving this Campbell’s Star Wars Soup Commercial. Can you Guess Why?

Speaking of Mexican Star Wars, there is a new Campbell’s Soup ad making the rounds on the Internet, particularly among Mexicans like myself who grew up convinced that Star Wars‘ adorable R2D2 droid was actually called Arturito. I am not a fan … Continue reading

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‘Star Wars’ and Tacos: How Can you Go Wrong?

Hat tip: @saltasolt  

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