Mexicans are Loving this Campbell’s Star Wars Soup Commercial. Can you Guess Why?

Intentional insight or mere fluke?
Intentional insight or mere fluke?

Speaking of Mexican Star Wars, there is a new Campbell’s Soup ad making the rounds on the Internet, particularly among Mexicans like myself who grew up convinced that Star Wars‘ adorable R2D2 droid was actually called Arturito.

I am not a fan of canned soup, but I think the ad is quite clever. Now: Do you think it was meant to throw in a “universal insight” in hopes of capturing U.S. Hispanics or was it a pure fluke?

Watch and decide for yourself*

  • Oh, and try to avoid some of the comments on the YouTube page. Some of them are quite pathetic.

Hat tip: Marco López

14 thoughts on “Mexicans are Loving this Campbell’s Star Wars Soup Commercial. Can you Guess Why?

  1. Hola Marco-

    No fue “a fluke”. Quedo muy contento que le encantó el comercial. Y estoy seguro que my vecina en la oficina, que fue responsable por el comercial, también debe estar muy contenta.

    Para que sepas, tenemos muchas sopas que no son enlatadas. Te invito a probar nuestras sopas “Campbell’s Slow Kettle”, por ejemplo. Pero que la sopa de “Arturito” es muy graciosa lo es.

    Gracias por sus comentários.


    #emp #employee
    PS.: trabajo en la área de marketing de la Campbell Soup Company, entretanto la opinión y la respuesta aquí es mía y no de Campbell 🙂

    1. In every country on earth, but here, you see commercials in other languages. It’s only in the USA where people, such as yourself, are so stupid as to not know another language. You are pathetic.

  2. You want to sell to the Mexican audience then air it in Mexico. Its an affront to every hard working American who is sick of seeing and hearing everything in Spanish. No Campbell’s soup in my pantry from now on.

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