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Stephen Colbert Calls Mexico about Paying for Trump’s Huge, Beautiful Border Wall

Stephen Colbert on Friday compiled a team of experts — including an architect, an interior designer and a “concrete guy” — to come up with some rough estimates for Trump’s “big, strong, powerful, yuuuuge” wall.* After concluding that the wall would … Continue reading

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Syrian Refugee Crisis: Whatever Happened to the Old Political Debate about Rejecting Mexicans Instead?

Being Mexican, and having lived in several countries, I’ve seen my share of political idiocy and horrors. But as it turns out, nothing had prepared me for the current “debate” taking place right now in my now adopted country about whether to … Continue reading

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¡Adiós, Colberto! Why this Blogger will Forever Miss You

Hispanic television has never been very good at poking fun at… well, Hispanic television, which is a shame since there’s just so much to poke fun at. Fortunately, we had Stephen Colbert — and his hilarious Hispanic primo Esteban Colberto — to set the … Continue reading

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Asians are the New Mexicans: Stephen Colbert

“Mexicans do the work Americans don’t want to do. Asians do the work American’s are not able to do.” Watch Colbert deconstruct this new Inv-ASIAN here:

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