It’s a Bird… It’s a Plane… It’s Superman… It’s a Taco!

Never underestimate the power of American engineering
Never underestimate the power of American engineering

Remember the MexiCannon?

Well, that is nothing compared to what American engineers have come up with now.

Meet the Taco Cannon.

According to a report on KETV7 Omaha (which apparently is a real city) the University of Nebraska-Omaha Mavericks will soon introduce a taco cannon to ‘spice up’ their games. The contraption (which I bet is Made in China) is supposed to shoot tacos — or what people in Nebraska think are tacos — out in the air for spectators to enjoy. But, as a local journalist very cleverly asks: “How can tacos become something you can shoot out from a cannon?”

Well, Taco Cannon enthusiasts/sponsors have the answer:  “I wouldn’t say [the taco] will be restaurant quality once it gets to them, but it’s edible.” 

I don’t know about you but I am not looking forward to being hit in the head –not even by a bad taco. But the Omaha taco chain which is sponsoring the thing seems to be pretty excited.



It’s Cinco de Mayo! Time to Mix Drinks That Make no Sense


I hate Cinco de Mayo in the U.S., not so much because it’s a reminder of how clueless people are about Mexican history, but because it is also the time to market some of the stupidest, senseless food & drink concoctions of all times.

Well, actually I think Bud Light’s Lime-A-Rita and Straw-Ber-Rita are kind of OK. The name is cute and hopefully the mix will give a little taste to such a tasteless beer. But Corona’s “CoronaRita” wins the prize of the silliest, most senseless concoction (and moniker) ever.


Really, Corona? CoronaRita?

Congressman Uncovers Mexi-Muslim Connection


And you thought politicians were a bunch of good for nothings…

In the latest development concerning the Mexi-Muslim threat, Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) is now saying that this week’s bombings of the Boston Marathon should give pause to immigration reform advocates who seek to reform the system. The reason?

“We know that people that are now being trained to come in and act like Hispanic [sic] when they are radical Islamists. […] They want the freedoms we have.”

I’m not sure what those freedoms really are or how you train people to act “Hispanic.” But these fellows have certainly worked hard to replicate our tacos al pastor. And no, we’re not going to take it anymore! What’s next? Serving food on a flat bread instead of a plate? Pitas that taste like tortillas?

hat tip: @laloalcaraz