Mun2 takes over the Big Apple


One of my favorite things about New York City is, of course, its diversity.

This morning, while walking back home from my daily pilgrimage to get coffee and papers, I saw my local Halal-food vendor on the corner of 27 and Lexington, and realized -for the first time- that his cart is sporting one of those Telemundo/Mun2 umbrellas. While reaching for my purse to get my camera (I didn’t have it on me) a taxi stopped right by the food cart and, shockingly, I realized it was also sporting a Mun2 logo on top!

I could not help but stop to chat with both gentlemen, the cab driver and the halal-food vendor (I know: I gotta get myself a job). Do you guys know what Mun2 is? I asked. At first, they both looked at me in astonishment, wondering what the hell I was doing there and why I cared about such a thing. They both looked alternatively at the taxi cab and the umbrella and finally said ‘no,’ they really didn’t know what Mun2 was. (The halal-food vendor said the umbrella is real useful during these warm days though).

Oh well, after all, neither the Pakistani cab driver nor the halal-food vendor are among Mun2’s target audience, so I guess the outdoor effort is still good for people who are idle enough like myself to notice it.

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