Latinos like it cold

Marketers are a funny bunch.

In their relentless quest for pushing their brands among consumers, they commission studies, embrace research and conduct opinion polls seeking to find the “ultimate” consumer insight. And nowhere is this more evident –and ridiculous– than in Hispanic marketing.

Take the latest effort by Coor’s. It turns out, says the beer maker, Hispanics beer drinkers value “cold” much more than any other consumer group. The reason? “The majority of Latinos come from countries or were born in areas of the U.S. with warmer temperatures and longer summers,” said the company in a press release.

So, armed with such precious knowledge, Coor’s this week announced the launch of its “cold-activated label” which helps “ensure that every Coors Light bottle provides the cold refreshment that Hispanic consumers crave.” The label features mountains in a Thermochromatic ink that turn blue when the beer has been chilled to about 42 degrees Fahrenheit or lower for ice cold refreshment.

I come from a place that makes some of the world’s best beer, so I only have one thing to say: wouldn’t it be better for Coor’s to focus on making a better product? Leave the chilling-to-perfection task up to us!

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