Viva ‘el’ créativité y ‘la’ marketing!


What happens when a Seattle-based chain of French kitchenwear stores partners with an Oklahoma-born chef specialized in “authentic” Mexican cooking? … You end up with a cookware collection called “Viva la Mexico” [sic]. Not Vive le Mexique! nor ¡Viva México!

In its most recent effort to promote ethnic stuff, Sur la Table (don’t be fooled by the French-sounding name) is pitching cookware and recipes by Rick Bayless, the Oklahoma chef specialized in Mexican food and author of several books, including Mexico, One Plate at a Time and Salsas that Cook.

As for Sur la Table, the Mexican collection includes a Molcajete for $179.95, a “reversible comal” for $79.95 and a $499 blender. Also available, things not even Mexicans knew existed: a tortilla warmer ($29.95), a chili roaster, an avocado slicer (and to think I’ve been slicing avocado with a spoon!) and my personal favorite: a $49.95 tin sign that says -what else?- Mi Casa es tu Casa.

¡Viva la diversidad!

3 thoughts on “Viva ‘el’ créativité y ‘la’ marketing!

  1. And to think that many generations of mexicans have used a simple knife; thanks to Sur la Table, now we can spend $20 on a Van Vacter ™ Avocado Knife to do it the “right ” way.

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