Misbehaving Latinos Wanted for Reality Show


Let me tell you, it’s so hard to concentrate on a regular job when so many wonderful things keep showing up on the Internet.

According to a job posting on Craigslist, a New York-based casting office, Paladino Casting, is searching for “America’s Numero Uno Telenovela Star” for VH1’s Viva Hollywood, a reality TV show coming this fall.

You can read the entire casting call here -and even apply!- but in a nutshell, you only need to be:

1. Beautiful

2. Stunningly talented

3. Misbehaving

4. Bilingual

5. Willing to do “whatever it takes” to become número uno

…and just as I was getting ready to apply, I realized I would have to agree to be put through “medical, background and psych testing.”

¡Ah, no … Así no! Maybe next time.

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4 Responses to Misbehaving Latinos Wanted for Reality Show

  1. Adrian Perez says:

    According to my mom, I fit the bill.


  2. guvida says:

    Yo me apunto!! Yo estoy puesto!! ¿de cuanto es el billullo?

  3. latinbeauty says:

    Guvida, es un monton! dicen que como $700 por dia

  4. Jorge says:

    A reality show with only beautiful people isn’t realistic!

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