Can Mexicans Please Stick to Beige?


Earlier this year, residents of Farmers Branch, a Dallas suburb, voted on a proposal to ban landlords from renting apartments to illegal immigrants. And since the proposal never really got anywhere, now they want Hispanics to tone down their “tropical” mood.

In the most recent anti-immigrant brouhaha, a local resident (presumably a gringo) has asked the City Council to consider requiring permits and color approval before residents can repaint their homes.

“When you paint your house some fluorescent or garish color scheme, you negatively affect my [home] value,” Robin Bernier, told the Dallas Morning News.

Just like Bernier, those annoyed at the garish colors in some homes quickly say their concern has to do with the neighborhood value, not ethnicity. But as a local business owner smartly put it: “We know who has the bright colors […] Latin Americans.”

2 thoughts on “Can Mexicans Please Stick to Beige?

  1. Wooowwww….increible…increible.

    Hasta donde van a llegar!!! Hasta donde???

    “Oh umm…you’re clothes are too provocative and you’re food has too much flavor. We can’t handle this – we must banned this. We can’t be for life only for death.”


  2. I work within the film industry and when clients are looking for locations in my area with a Latino look, they **ALWAYS** ask me for the bright colors and tropical flavor. If Latinos in my city began painting everything beige and white, we’d lose **SO** much business.

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