Michigan Reporter Gets the Scoop on Tacos

It is not often that I read a 700-plus-word article online in its entirety. But this one from Michigan’s Bay City Times caught my attention. The subject? The never ending “gastronomic” choices found in Qdoba.

Under the headline Choices are plentiful at new Mexican grill the reporter goes on and on and on about black-bean corn salsa, fat-free picante ranch dressing and sour cream… for a total of 748 words. And it’s not even a restaurant review; it’s an actual story, with several eaters interviewed:

A Queso Burrito captured the attention of Jason Doan of Bay City during a recent lunchtime. The burrito is stuffed with steak and warm 3-Cheese Queso sauce and served with cilantro lime rice and black or pinto beans.

Doan, an employee at Dow Corning Corp. in Hemlock, drives to Qdoba (pronounced Q-dobe-a) at least 10 times a month for lunch.

Other important facts about the eaterie:

– Salsa choices range from the mild Pico De Gallo to Fiery Habanero Salsa

– Portions are big and prices are moderate, ranging from $5.09 for a vegetarian burrito to $6.59 for a steak burrito

– Quesadillas are on the menu as well

But wait! what’s even more puzzling is that there isn’t even a news hook: Qdoba (don’t even ask!) opened in July, the reporter dutifully informs us.

¡Que viva la libertad de prensa!

2 thoughts on “Michigan Reporter Gets the Scoop on Tacos

  1. I’m from Michigan and Qdoba is a mere step up from Taco Bell. I rather go to Mexicantown instead. It’s our state’s version of say Chinatown in NYC. But Mexican. It’s the most authentic Mexican food you can get in the area unless someone makes you a home-cooked meal. Plus they have cool markets and bakeries there.

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