Latin American Politics According to ‘The Police’

If you know The Police, you know what Stewart Copeland is all about. But in a recent interview with the Chilean press he managed to piss off a lot of people, well mostly feminists and… the country’s President.

Speaking about the band’s upcoming Santiago concert, the super-ultra-cool drummer compared the country’s President Michelle Bachelet with the newly elected Argentine leader Cristina Fernández in terms of -what else?- beers.

“Look, Argentina’s new president would be good for a beer; yours, for about four,” Copeland told Wikén, a weekly entertainment magazine published by local daily El Mercurio. (This means, in case you’re wondering, how many beers it’ll take to go, hmmm, elsewhere.)

Chilean women are furious, of course, although they should get some consolation on Copeland’s take on Mrs. Clinton: “Hillary??!! she should be good after one, maybe two… bottles of tequila –on me,” he added.

4 thoughts on “Latin American Politics According to ‘The Police’

  1. Oh my God… how many bottles (of beer, tequila and vodka) will it take to take Martita Sahagun! (que miedo!)

  2. Pah!

    Well, an asshat Copeland may be, but at least he was not full of the same kind of sanctimonious BS his buddy Gordon ‘Sting’ Sumner (and that includes Bono as well) usually spouts.

    Sheesh! The Police were good for, like, five minutes in 1978 once you got past the miserable caterwauling of ‘Roxanne’.

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