Never Judge a Book by its Cover (nor a Writer by her Cleavage)


Enough with virgins. Let us move onto a more intellectual subject: books and the people who write them.

Take Niurka Marcos, the untalented, promiscuous Cuban “actress”-turned TV host, who this week released her first bookSoy (as in “I am” not as in “soy milk”), an autobiography of sorts showing us she might not be as illiterate as we originally thought.

Soy has a first print run of 10,000 copies, way fewer than the 80,000 sold by Playboy Mexico’s December issue.  Still, the voluptuous thespian-turned-scribe is poised to oversell Talk Dirty: Spanish, by yours truly… It’s gotta be the cleavage.

4 thoughts on “Never Judge a Book by its Cover (nor a Writer by her Cleavage)

  1. Naw, it’s that charming tummy tattoo that makes her a class act. Definitely not Maria material over at Playboy.

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