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Mattel to Launch Mariachi Barbie, Because Why-the-Hell-Not?

I don’t know how many ridiculous Barbie posts I’ve written for this old blog (they are here, here and here). But who is counting? In the latest marketing move, and apparently unmoved by the likely wave of criticisms, Mattel says it will … Continue reading

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Forget about Mattel’s. This is the Real Barbie Mexicana

Mexican native Omar Ariel Cortés has created a Facebook page showcasing a world in which Mattel’s famous Barbie doll leaves her magical world to join a more sinister one: the world of drug dealing, breast cancer, single motherhood, prostitution and … Continue reading

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Dear Media: Please Don’t Freak Out. Peruvian Barbie Features Anchor Baby; No Passport Visible

Hat tip: @Buttronica

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‘Barbie Jamona’ is Culturally-Relevant… and Looks Delicious!

On the heels of the Barbie Mexicana brouhaha that I so inadvertently started, I decided to go on a worldwide hunt for the next controversial, culturally-relevant and irreverent Barbie doll. Here she is. She is proud, meaty and looks absolutely delicious. … Continue reading

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Mexican Barbie Is Documented; Comes with Passport

The folks over at Mattel are so smart, that not only they have come up with a Mexican Barbie, but they have given her all the possible tools to go around the U.S. the world undisturbed. In addition to a … Continue reading

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At Last! A Barbie Doll I Can Relate to

After decades months of despair for not being able to see myself in those slim, cute Barbie dolls, I found one that actually looks like this blogger after indulging in too many “typically-Latino” breakfasts. The print ad is actually part … Continue reading

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Dora’s New Look Enrages Parents. What’s Next? -They Wonder- Dora the Stripper?

I’m sure you heard all about it: Dora the Explorer is getting a sexy makeover, and while Mattel and Nickelodeon have only released a silhouette, the new Dora is sure to make your palms sweaty (Well, not really):  “The revamped Dora shows … Continue reading

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