Move Over, Texican Whopper. Introducing the Latin-Flavored Hot Dog (Perro Caliente)


Ah, marketers… always finding interesting -and amusing- ways to engage us, Latinos, into whatever it is that we’re supposed to be engaged in.

In its latest effort to have already obese Hispanics eat other than tortillas and frijoles, Oscar Mayer this week launched Sabor de Mamá, a recipe contest aimed at having Latinos share their favorite traditional recipes featuring Oscar Mayer hot dogs. In their words (not mine):

“It’s no secret that Hispanics have embraced the American hot dog. Whether you are in a plaza in a small town in Mexico or taking a stroll in the streets of Colombia, the hot dog is now widely enjoyed.”

The lucky winner will receive $5,000 and the opportunity to join Univision’s Maggie Jiménez at an event to showcase his/her winning recipe. Because, you know, it’s always a great mystery what you can do with a bun and a salchicha.

5 thoughts on “Move Over, Texican Whopper. Introducing the Latin-Flavored Hot Dog (Perro Caliente)

  1. Man, check out the name of the abuela! se llama Maria, of course. Ja, ja, ja, ja. (who in Latin America calls them perros calientes anyway? I thought in Mexico we call them hot dogs)

  2. Maybe all those alligators that the gringos want to put in the Rio Grande will like these as much as they’ll like the Whoppers.

  3. at least their not putting hot dogs in tortillas yet. Due to my less than wealthy upbringing, we never ate hot dogs by themselves, they would be chopped up mixed with fried potatoes or maybe beans.

  4. I don’t know… this whole thing with “sabor de mama”… sound hokey, not only is it an extreme cliche but it really sounds foreign to our ears.

    On an aside, when are marketers going to realize that this “homemade”, “like home”, “like mom’s” shit is over? Most 20-30 year olds had parents like my wife and I. We never cooked from scratch, we both had to work.

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