Veracruz Finds Novel Idea to Attract Tourism


If you thought there was no smart way to attract tourism to La Gloria, the impoverished Mexican village that is supposedly the epicenter of swine flu, think again: Veracruz governor Fidel Herrera has found a novel idea: He is building a statue honoring Edgar Hernández (a.k.a. El Niño Cero) the 5-year-old who is believed to be the first human to have contracted H1N1.

(My friend just suggested he should be called “El Niño Cer(d)o”)

I have no idea how much the statue will cost (it’s a small kid, after all) but I bet you it won’t be close to the $90-million the government is spending on ‘Vive México’ the marketing campaign it launched this week to revive tourism by promoting the country as a safe destination (safe from influenza, that is, not violent murders.)

2 thoughts on “Veracruz Finds Novel Idea to Attract Tourism

  1. For Edgar its probably a double-edged sword. I mean the kid will probably be able to get dates when he gets older — ‘That’s me up there, linda.’ But he’s still going to have to go through life with the nickname ‘El Niño Cero’.

  2. Maybe the Govt. of Mexico should extradite Smithfield Foods Hog Processing plant too. I don’t know why some “ice cream” company hasn’t added Edgar Hernandez as their spokesperson.

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