No Green Card?????… No Toys for You!

Well, it looks like Santa will not be showing his gentle, white face to thousands of children in the Houston area.

The reason? Some local charities are asking whether children are in the country legally before giving them toys.

According to the Houston Chronicle:

The Salvation Army and a charity affiliated with the Houston Fire Department are among those that consider immigration status, asking for birth certificates or Social Security cards for the children.

So now you know.

Want to give your child some true joy this Christmas? Just get him or her a freakin’ Social Security Number!

2 thoughts on “No Green Card?????… No Toys for You!

  1. Se pasaron, Laura, que horror!!! y eso que son organizaciones de caridad, que carrizo les importa a ellos el estatus migratorio de un niño que necesita juguetes en Navidad, que ridiculez

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