Mexicans Rejoice! You Too Can Own The Diet Ring

Adiós Dr. Manny!

Mexico’s chubby taco-crazed populace is abuzz with the recent introduction of The Diet Ring, an “intriguing magnetic spiral ring” that will help you lose up to 38 pounds in one week (even while you cook or lie down doing absolutely nothing!)

The contraption, developed by prominent “Oriental scientists” retails for “only” $399 pesos, which is approximately eight times Mexico’s minimum wage. But, what the heck! As happy customer Marcela Carrasco tells us in the following video, it is very well worth the expense.

[I just wonder if you lose weight because by buying the ring you can no longer afford buying any food]

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3 Responses to Mexicans Rejoice! You Too Can Own The Diet Ring

  1. elif says:

    it’s true can lose weight ?

  2. Lindy says:

    Can you spot any differences in the two photos, besides the obvious of course? NO??! That’s because there AREN’T ANY!!! Its the exact same photo, stretched or altered slightly. Her hair is in the exact same position, she’s wearing the same jeans…. etc.
    If a simple ring could actually make you lose weight there would BE NO overweight people!!!

  3. Homz says:


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