Univision’s ‘Special Correspondent’ Grills President Obama on the Chimney Issue

Grammy-award winning singer and member of Univision’s Board of Directors, Gloria Estefan, this week sat down with President Obama to discuss some of the most pressing issues concerning U.S. Hispanics, including health-care reform, immigration, Latinos in the economy and -of course- Christmas at the White House and cookies for the reindeer.

In fact, while still walking the halls of the Casa Blanca, Estefan fired up her first -and in her own words, “very important”- question for the Commander in Chief:

It’s very beautiful. And by the way, I have a very important question to start off this interview, which chimney will Santa be coming down?

Well, we think that he’s going to be coming down into the Yellow Room, which is right at the middle of the Residence. So, that’s where we are going to set the cookies and the milk, because after working all night, giving the gifts….

And something for the reindeers…

And the reindeers, we’ll have a little reindeer snack out there…

That’s wonderful…..

Ah, yes that is wonderful indeed! Feliz Navidad, morons!

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2 Responses to Univision’s ‘Special Correspondent’ Grills President Obama on the Chimney Issue

  1. Antonio says:

    Como siempre en Univision… al pueblo, pan y circo, y que se joden por la economia, el desempleo, etc. etc. etc. que coño les importa nada a los Estefan si son millonarios?

  2. Marcelo Salup says:

    Aw, come on, give the woman a break! If an American correspondent had begun with some light hearted question to break the ice and begin the interview on a warm tone, you would have never made that comment. Al cesar lo que es del cesar. It was a good beginning.

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