Univision Offers Apology for Stereotyping Africans. Now I’m Just Waiting for Televisa’s

You might have been resting in your laurels this Memorial weekend, but it was pretty busy at Univision headquarters, where top executives had to issue a public apology for a skit stereotyping Africans as -what else?- half-naked, dark-skinned people with big hair and small spears dancing around.

The skit, which aired on Univision’s popular morning show Despierta America, included hosts wearing Afro wigs and dancing to what civil rights activist Earl Ofari Hutchinson described as a “faux jungle music beat.”

The apology, which was published Saturday in Los Angeles Times, stated that: “[The skit] is completely unacceptable and against our policies, standards and practices. We sincerely apologize to our viewers and all who were offended.”

So far so good, so I’m just going to sit tight and wait for Televisa to issue its own apology for the ad below, currently running on Mexican television.

4 thoughts on “Univision Offers Apology for Stereotyping Africans. Now I’m Just Waiting for Televisa’s

  1. Haven’t seen the ad you mention, but there’s another one that I caught a few days ago on Mexico City cable that was pretty offensive. It’s an ad for bottled tea, and for some reason it centers on two Asian men who enter a convenience store, wearing pointy straw hats and speaking gibberish. I cannot believe that in 2010, there are actual companies whose ad campaigns (for tea!) center on offensive Asian caricatures… but there it is. Wish I could find it on YouTube, but my Spanish searching skills kind of suck. If I find it anywhere I’ll come back and post it.

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