Salma Wants You to Help Mexico, Because She Is Too Busy Living Between Paris and Beverly Hills

Mrs. Hayek-Pinault set some time aside in her busy agenda to star in this spot (filmed in Los Angeles) advising her paisanos to stop complaining and help Mexico become, like, a better place.

“Don’t ask what Mexico can do for us but what we can do for Mexico,” says Salmita in her cute accent. Though I really think she meant to say “what YOU can do for Mexico,” because last time I checked she was quite busy commuting between two homes, one in Paris and the other one in Beverly Hills.

Gracias, Salmita, we’ll do -and keep you posted!

Spot: Iniciativa México

4 thoughts on “Salma Wants You to Help Mexico, Because She Is Too Busy Living Between Paris and Beverly Hills

  1. Of course Mrs Pineault! Why did not we think about that!!!!???

    I would definetly suggest she sells half her assets in Paris, donates them to charity, and moves back with her daughter to “lovely” Coatzacoalcos.

  2. Yo digo que Salma es la inspiración para muchos mexicanos, sobretodo migrantes. Total ella también dejó el país para irse a trabajar a EU. Lo único malo de eso es que todo su éxito se debe a su esfuerzo fuera de México en donde no hubiera tenido muchas oportunidades.

  3. WTF is she wearing? ¡Le falta el látigo!
    Fuera de eso, el problema no es Salma. El problema son los enfermos mentales que están haciendo estos anuncios de Iniciativa México. Seguro una bola de corruptos abusivos que tienen la desfachatez de decirle a la gente que tiene que cambiar. Estos anuncios son repugnantes.

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