Guacamole, in French, is ‘Le Guacamole’… and, for Some Reason, ‘Grande’ Becomes ‘Grandé’

This blogger was really hoping to take a break and enjoy some time off during this summer vacation. As it turns out, multicultural marketing knows no time off, nor borders  and it doesn’t cease to amaze me, no matter where I am.

Greetings from La France, where gringos are making a killing pitching made-believe Mexican food (and inexistent Spanish words) to naïve Parisians.*

Photo: Laura Martínez, Paris, 2012

*Oh, and don’t get me started on the disgusting look of said “le guacamole.” I’m trying to eat here.

9 thoughts on “Guacamole, in French, is ‘Le Guacamole’… and, for Some Reason, ‘Grande’ Becomes ‘Grandé’

  1. The accented E in French is for pronunciation’s sake, not emphasis like it is in Spanish. They have to put it there so that the French customers will pronounce it with roughly the correct Spanish sounds, otherwise it’s just “grahnd” to them.

  2. Thank you, grenouille78 for your comment… I see what you’re saying except that, to make the the emphasis on a letter for the French to pronounce it correctly, they should have written “Gránde”… which is the way the word would be pronounced in Spanish (with the accent over the “a” and not over the “e”)

    1. “Gránde” would not mean a thing in French and would still be pronounced “grahnd.” Tanialara below explains it well. Je parle français y leo español. 🙂

  3. Laura,
    En francés siempre se acentúa la é para pronunciarla como sonaría en español. E sin acento se pronuncia como algo entre e y o como en la palabra “je” (yo). El acento francés no se usa para entonación sino para crear una sexta vocal.
    Grandé no existe en francés pero supongo que así lo escribieron para que la gente lo lea como se dice en español. Los franceses tienen grand (masculino) y grande ( femenino y sin acento).

  4. Comme dirait le docteur Cottard (A la recherche du temps perdu), l’Espagne, le Mexique et en tous cas l’espagnol sont à la mode :”au lait!”

  5. Quieres oir algo mas gracioso, en Montreal, bueno en todo Quebec, el guacamole y el tequila son FEMENINOS!!! me parece espantoso, pero cuando dicen “La Guacamole est bonne!” o “Je n’aime pas la tequila!” no se si reír o llorar.

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