Even the French Know the Importance of Pocho Studies

If you happen to be in Paris and -all of a sudden- feel the itch for some good, bibliographic reference for all things Pocho, make sure to drop by the Gibert Jeune Bookstore in the heart of St. Michel.

The place features a pochothèque, which this blogger believes is convinced, it’s an entire section dedicated to Pocho studies.

Photo: Laura Martínez, Paris 2012

5 thoughts on “Even the French Know the Importance of Pocho Studies

  1. “Pochothèque” means a bookshop, or section of bookshop, where paperback books (paperback books = “livre de poche” in French) are sold, as opposed to books in “grand format” (the French equivalent of “hardback books”). I’m afraid that whoever took this photograph did not perhaps know the meaning of the sign…

  2. D’oh !!! I was just informed that maybe you were being ironic…

    In any case, I am now subscribed to your blog & look forward to reading your posts…

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