Venezuelan Chef Helps Taco Bell Pitch Make-Believe Mexican Food to Clueless Americans

In an effort to try to convince people that it can actually make non-bad food, Taco Bell has launched a healthy, Hispanic-looking menu, incomprehensibly appropriately dubbed Cantina Bell, featuring a series of ‘innovative’ meals including a cantina bowl (salad with chicken) a cantina burrito (a burrito) and chips & slides (totopos, guacamole, etc.)

Yeah, yeah… But before you go all judgemental and crappy like this blogger, let me tell you these recipes are the creation of a truly real Hispanic person of non-Mexican origin: Chef Lorena García, a proud Venezuelan whose cooking credentials hail from France, Italy, Japan, Korea, Thailand and China.

Watch Chef Lorena tell you why she totally clicked with Taco Bell and how Taco Bell represents her sazón and other entertaining facts like that. [All this in a wonderful Spanish accent that will make Sofía and Salma Hayek salad-green with envy.]

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4 Responses to Venezuelan Chef Helps Taco Bell Pitch Make-Believe Mexican Food to Clueless Americans

  1. Don Alberto Doyle says:

    This comment is a bit tarde, but my landlord, a professional chef who runs a little bistro for the barrio here in Queretaro, saw the Taco Bell ad, and claimed that sazon was a completely acceptable concept in Mexico, but being Venezuelan was not. He also noted the obvious, that Taco Bell could learn a thing from Porton and Vips — videlicet, that Mexicans tend to buy Mexican food. Try some freakin’ pastor or chorizo in your tacos, and try having them be tacos in the first place. And one other thing, chihuahuas can’t talk. You hit a nerve, I’d say. He REALLY hates Taco Bell.

  2. toni says:

    I think this ad concept is ridiculous. Yes, we’re going to take Taco Bell’s six ingredients and instead of stuffing them in a taco shell..we’re going to…get this..PUT THEM IN A BOWL! I mean, give me a break.

  3. Kendrick Moose says:

    Wow this is kinda funny when you think about it. I will think differently next time i am going by taco bell in the – deerfoot outlet mall. Bizarre world we live in…

  4. Dan Garcia says:

    Really? Lets hire a Mexican to make Sushi. Or maybe an Arab to make Italian. Oh yes, as long a she speaks Spanish she passes for an authority on Mexican food. Silly Taco Bell. Tricks are for kids.

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