Yay! Ann Coulter Is Off to Outer Space and Never Coming Back


The non-Hispanic white “author”, Fox News commentator and overall hater of brown people (Hispanics and otherwise) has finally answer my prayers.

According to Coulter’s latest book, Adios [SIC] America, she is taking a one-way flight to outer space.

So.. yay!

As we say in my pueblo: Buen viaje, huerca!

3 thoughts on “Yay! Ann Coulter Is Off to Outer Space and Never Coming Back

  1. Laura, Response from you??? Response from Jorge? The lack of response is revealing. You came to the US, Jorge came to the US. Why did you come? You can try to dismiss Ann if you wish but why can’t we ask the question: Should we have mass immigration? Because if anybody asks this question, they are smeared as racist and so most people are deterred from asking the question except for Ann. You and Jorge can’t answer that question because you want radical change. How would you feel if millions of Chinese or millions of Muslims immigrated to Mexico? Would you like that? Extend the same respect to Anglos that you demand for Latinos. Regards….

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