Mainstream Media ‘Discovers’ Coke’s Embarrassing Mexico Ad; Coke Takes Video Down, Refuses to Make Comments

White, wealthy Mexican hipsters bring Coke -- and hope -- to Mixe community in Oaxaca.
White, wealthy Mexican hipsters bring Coke — and hope — to Mixe community in Oaxaca.

Remember this blog’s posting from Nov. 26, 2015?

Not many people paid attention then, I know. It kind of went unnoticed for a while, as I suspect a lot of you, people, were busy eating turkey or crushing fellow shoppers to get a discounted OLED TV or whatever it is you do on Thanksgiving Weekend.

Fortunately, a few independent blogs, including my compadres at Latino Rebels and other high-profile writers did pay attention and the brouhaha finally blew up con Coca-Cola’s face right around Tuesday Dec. 1, 2015. This was the day when the soft drinks giant decided to pull its ad from YouTube — or more accurately decided to “make it private,” so that neither you or me would have to see that horror again.

Here are only a few of the articles posted by mainstream media on the issue –in chronological order:

Telesur: Nov. 26

The Washington Post, Dec. 1

The Associated Press, Dec. 1

Horizontal: Dec. 1

The Guardian, Dec. 1

Univision Noticias, Dec. 2

See? I knew I was not crazy (or at least I’m not THAT crazy.) This sh•t was so out of whack that it needed to be stopped — or at least made it private, so Coca-Cola and its Mexican agency, can go on and pursue their creative advertising prizes or whatever it is they do.

Just, please, leave the Mixe community alone, will you?

I wish you didn’t have to see this again, but in case you missed it, this blogger’s friends at Latino Rebels have you covered

3 thoughts on “Mainstream Media ‘Discovers’ Coke’s Embarrassing Mexico Ad; Coke Takes Video Down, Refuses to Make Comments

  1. How condescendingly arrogant!
    I’m a Jonque, and this pisses me off.

    Are their ad people on acid? Somebody actually paid for this ad?

  2. Que verguenza. Both conceptually (most importantly) and executionally (maybe only important if you are in the ad business). Wow.

  3. Escribo en este blog porque me llamó la atención el título de los “white Mexicans” y Coca Cola. Considero que más que una simple publicidad de Coca Cola haciendo llegar sus productos a una comunidad indígena en México es ofensivo. Quien haya siquiera puesto “white wealthy Mexican Hipsters … ” es racista.
    Para mí son mexicanos, simplemente eso … venimos en tamaños, colores y mezclas diferentes; mestizos, indígenas, hijos de españoles, libaneses, judíos, africanos, franceses, asiaticos … ¿qué más da? … Si el tema es mencionar la comunidad indígena y que Coca Cola haya llevado sus productos ahí, mencionen eso, que están en desacuerdo con eso pero no clasifiquen a un grupo por sus características físicas o por el nivel social que aparentan.
    Vivo en Estados Unidos y si algo me molesta es que piensen que por ser mexicano debo tener tales o cuales características y que no hay gente de ciertas características también en México. Somos el resultado de la mezcla de diferentes culturas no solo indígenas o no solo españoles, nuestra identidad es tan compleja pero sabemos tan poco de nuestra historia y nuestra cultura que me da tristeza que existan estos comentarios.

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