Corona Beer to Trump: America is not a Country, you Dimwit!

América con acento, por favor
América con acento, por favor

America Great Again? Bitch, please…

In a jab to “President” Donald Trump, Corona Beer this week launched a new video on its YouTube page, which basically makes a point this blogger has been hammering pretty much all her [adult] life: America is not a country. America is a continent… And a big one at that…

We are the belly button of this world… and its lungs

We are hot blooded, we are poetry, art, and chants…

We are constant revolution

We are 35 united states

Americanos somos todos… 

… and so on

The spot concludes by urging fans to join Corona’s fan page to show their pride about being American, or something to that effect. WATCH:

13 thoughts on “Corona Beer to Trump: America is not a Country, you Dimwit!

  1. Yeah, like Mexico is not a State, is is a Country, like Mexico City is not a City, it is a Country.

    Los burros hablan de oídos…


  2. I love it. It is the biggest true ever mentioned out loud.
    Thank you.
    Ya es hora que el mundo se entere que todos somos Americanos. en México
    América central, norte y sur América somos americanos. Donde la diversidad de idiomas, culturas y razas nos hacen tan especiales e importantes.
    América, si señor!

  3. Awesome!! Can the Comercial be in both languages, showing we are bilingual, and willing to MAKE A CHANGE AND A DIFFERENCE.

  4. Hey, has anyone see the movie ‘Mi America’ on HBO? You can also catch it on HBO Now and HBO go. Powerful film and message about what’s going on today in the USA with Hate crimes against migrant Hispanics. A great drama with some great acting! Sums it all up!

  5. Corona, don’t forget about Canada. We drink a lot of Corona beer too. Y tenemos dos idiomas oficial, ingles y frances. Y con Brasil, en “America” hay 4 idiomas oficial ademas los mils idiomas indigenas.

    Pourquoi il n’y avait pas un drapeau Canadien dans le video?

    Saludos, Bon jour, Cheers.

  6. As a natural born US citizen born in Colombia in 1948, I’ve watched this phenomenon all my life.
    With so many of my U S compatriots misunderstanding the greatness of the United States as not being a part of and in step with, the the the colorful, delicious greatness, of all other other cultures on the planet.
    Yes, ours has been a truly great nation among nations, but distorting truths and divisive racist bullying is Not the course for us.
    This great ship needs a new captain aboard!
    A great leader and statesman in short days to come.
    Beautifully said Corona !
    I toast to you!🍻

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