#ChapoKate Is Coming to a Netflix Screen Near You!

‘Cuando conocí al Chapo’ premieres Oct. 20 on Netflix.’

Not content with giving us plenty of drug-dealing action, first with a series about “Columbia’s” infamous narco Pablo Escobar, and then with the rebroadcast of Univision’s El Chapo, Netflix is at it again, this time with a “Docu-Series” starred and produced by Mexican actress Kate del Castillo.

Cuando conocí al Chapo has been produced by 25/7 Productions and Kate del Castillo Productions, and it will make its worldwide debut Oct. 20, 2017 on Netflix.

A first trailer was released today and features previously unseen footage about Del Castillo’s meeting with the notorious drug lord. The clip opens with Kate reading the first letter El Chapo sent her, while later she discusses the journey to meet him. “We didn’t know anything,” del Castillo says. “We didn’t know what was going to happen or where we were going. I got out of the car. I knew it was him. El Chapo sat right next to me. I was very scared.”

I don’t know you, but I prefer these two in piñata form.

Via: CNET en Español

2 thoughts on “#ChapoKate Is Coming to a Netflix Screen Near You!

  1. Acabo de terminar la mini serie de Netflix sobre Kate del Castillo y tengo que decir que este documental me a quitado las vendas y estoy reviviendo mi infancia. Recuerdo varias de tus novelas y el recuerdo más inocente que tengo de mi adolescencia fue cuando te vi como la candidata principal para el video de Ricky Martín “Fuego de Noche Nieve de Día”. Exijo justicia sobre tu vida, exijo que lo que los medios te han arrebatado se te regresen 7 veces más! Eres y serás siempre México Kate! Dios te Bendiga y guarde me has dado la droga que necesito para levantarme y triunfar como tú lo has hecho!!! Ánimos y fuerza Amiga.

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