Mexico Has Had it with America’s Sombrero-Wearing Bullies

Mexico’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs this week released an anti-bullying campaign video, calling the attention to bullying experienced by Mexican migrants in the U.S.

In the video, a narrator encourages migrants to go to their nearest Mexican consulate (there are 50 across the U.S.), to receive support and guidance, but –more importantly–  it gives paisanos some useful tips to deal with bullying in their communities.

For example:

If you or someone you know is being bullied, here are some steps that can help you: talk to someone you trust, bring the issue to light. Don’t isolate yourself! Whatever you do, don’t engage in violence. Be self-confident to avoid being an easy target. Be proud of who you are.

And this, my friends, is super important, especially if you are one of those Mexicans who love to walk around in a mariachi sombrero all day long (ahem, ahem.)

However, I just have one question: When can we expect a similar campaign from the Mexican government, IN MEXICO, about brown skin Mexicans been bullied by the non-brown Mexicans? 🤔


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