Evo Morales Flies to Mexico Wrapped in Mexican Flag; Hilarity Ensues

Why settle for a flag when you can have something more… interesting?

Evo Morales, the former president of Bolivia who resigned under pressure from protesters and the military, flew to Mexico City on November 11th after the country’s top foreign official confirmed he had been granted asylum in the country.

In a tweet sent out on Tuesday night. Mexico’s Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard confirmed Mr. Morales was safe on a Mexican military plane after being granted asylum. Mr. Ebrard’s tweet included a a photo of Mr. Morales inside said plane and proudly holding a Mexican flag against his body.

As the news of the asylum spread on social media and elsewhere, the photo of Mr. Morales became a viral sensation after Vampipe, one of Mexico’s most prolific tuiteros –and master of memes– asked his followers to help turn Evo’s flag into something more… warm using the hashtag #CobijaEvo. (Cobija is Spanish for blanket.) The resulting images are, well, hilarious.

Just follow the hashtag #CobijaEvo for more Evo in Mexico fun…

From CNET en Español.

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