The Coronavirus Cumbia is Here –and it’s Infectious as Hell 💃🏽

Iván Montemayor (aka Míster Cumbia) wants you to dance to the tune of SARS-CoV-2.

A cluster of respiratory illness, originating in the Chinese province of Hubei in December of 2019, has health officials on high alert around the world. The cause is now known to be a new coronavirus that has proven to be particularly infectious and has already claimed about 3,000 lives in a few months.

While Latin America had been free of the virus for some time, the first Mexican case was confirmed on Friday, Feb. 28, 2020 coincidentally as this blogger arrived in CDMX for a quick family trip.

Mexicans in Mexico responded swiftly to the threat by –what else?– posting tons of memes while on this side of the border, Mr. Iván Montemayor (aka Míster Cumbia) composed an infectiously melodious cumbia, which is not only perfect for dancing but it’s also … educational. “Wash your hands; take care; prevention is key, etc.”

🎶 Coronavirus, coronavirus, lávense las manos, hágalo seguido… coronavirus, coronavirus, pónganse las pilas en lugares concurridos. 🎶

Here it is. Get up and dance, pues!


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