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Mexicans Are Selling a ‘Mystic Candle’ to Fight Off Coronavirus

The above candle is being sold as a “mystic product” and it promises to protect us from the evils of coronavirus. In fact, according to the owner of this establishment in Tabasco, all you have to do is light it … Continue reading

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Holy Week in Mexico: Time for Jesus Accidents Nationwide

You may not know this but Semana Santa (Holy Week) is a very important religious holiday in Mexico, and among the many events that take place during the course of the week, the so-called passion play is one of the most … Continue reading

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I’m Going to Hell for this, but at Least it Will be RA-PI-DI-TO


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Argentine Priest Blesses Flock with ‘Despacito,’ Because there’s no God and we’re all Going to Hell

It was only a few days ago I wrote about gringo media discovering the craze of Despacito, the first Spanish-language U.S. No. 1 hit since Macarena. Well, get ready for more Despacito-infused news: A priest at a local church in … Continue reading

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Pope Francis Wins ‘First-ever Telemundo Innovation Award’ — for some Reason

Today in awkward, Hispanic-related news… Pope Francis is the proud recipient of the first-ever Telemundo Innovation Award, which was conceived by Telemundo to honor an individual innovator “whose work has explored new trends, showcased pioneering spirit and greatly impacted society.” According to … Continue reading

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Jesus Goes for a “Wok” in East Harlem

Speaking of the Mexicanness of Jesus… He also lives in El Barrio. Photo: Laura Martínez. East Harlem

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Pope Francis Gets Convenient Gift Before 12-Hour Flight

Right before taking a plane that will take him to Cuba, then Mexico, Pope Francis received a bunch of gifts from several Latin American journalists who are making the trip with him. Among my favorites: A gigantic sombrero featuring what looks to be the … Continue reading

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