Arpaio Goes to Univision… and He Is Armed!

Univision this Friday hosted an unprecedented town hall on immigration, Inmigración: Un Debate Nacional featuring some of the country’s most prominent figures on immigration law and public policy, representatives of Hispanic organizations and -who else? Maricopa County Sheriff Mr. Joe Arpaio, who couldn’t resist showing up wearing a gun-shaped tie pin.

Unless he was at the Univision Studios auditioning for the upcoming Hermanos Almada movie, I would start thinking this guy is dangerous… Oh, wait, he IS dangerous!

¡Ay, nanita!

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3 Responses to Arpaio Goes to Univision… and He Is Armed!

  1. Maybe they should have profiled him going into Univision, called the police and have him arrested

  2. Antonio Rual says:

    I saw the debate and thought it was a calamity. Jorge Ramos is such an in-the-middle-of-the-road type of guy that he was overwhelmed by the far right and other bigots in the audience. Maria Elena did a MUCH better work, although there was something in the whole setting of the “event” that wasn’t right.
    Arpaio and the pro-SB1070 crowd definitely “won” this discussion, and Univision anchors let them get away with it.
    for the record: i’m a Democrat, but think Luis Gutierrez doesn’t represent the views of most pro-immigration reform Democrats

  3. don quixote says:

    Here’s the Arizona SHeriff Joe Arpaio and posse in action.
    Give a toy to a little kid to shut em up when they take away thier mother for a traffic warrant.
    Real humanitarians in Arizona.
    Boycott Arizona!

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