Mexico’s COVID-19 Czar Goes to the Beach; Hilarity Ensues

Mexico’s coronavirus czar Hugo López Gatell urged Mexicans to stay home… but then he went on a beach vacation, sparking anger … and tons of memes.

After urging people to stay home, wear a mask, keep a safe distance from others and avoid going on vacation, Mexico’s coronavirus czar, Hugo López-Gatell, decided to take a maskless beach vacation in Oaxaca, prompting a wave of criticisms among Mexicans and later becoming the nation’s butt of the joke.

A series of photos published this weekend show Dr. López-Gatell seated at an outdoor bar with a female companion in the tourist-friendly beach of Zipolite, Oaxaca. Neither is wearing a mask. Another photo, taken a few days earlier on a crowded flight from Mexico City to the beach resort, López-Gatell is seen talking on a cellphone — again not wearing a mask. The photos quickly went viral on social media.

While the politician’s beach escapade sparked anger, naturally, it also gave rise to some hilarious memes and images that continued to light the Internet well into the new year, because when it comes to quick, witty Internet humor, Mexico sigue siendo el rey.

Here are some of my favorite reactions to López-Gatell’s beach escapade.

AMLO got a Special T-shirt

Back from Zipolite

Coronavirus Ready to Pounce

The thing Is… Nobody Reads the small Print

‘ZopiloTrump’ Embarks on National Tour around Mexico to Scare the Hell Out of my People


You might not know this, but zopilotes are really, really bad birds.

Imagine this, but Mexican –and thus, way scarier.

With this in mind, Oaxacan artist Víctor Robinson has created the “ZopiloTrump”, the scariest thing you’ll see this year on both sides of the border, mind you.

The ZopiloTrump was unveiled Thursday, October 27 in Mexico City and is expected to embark on a national tour until it reaches Mexicali, right the site where he-who-shall-not-be-mentioned plans to erect a big, yuuuuge wall.


Oh, and just in time to celebrate the upcoming Day of the Dead, here’s an awesome “calavera” cortesy of the aforementioned artist:

Andaba la calaca flaca
llorando por todo México, 
porque a Donald Trump 
lo invitó Peña Nieto. 
La huesuda indignada 
a Trump le reclamó:
“¿Qué haces aquí racista de lo peor?”
A lo que Donald respondió:
“Vieja anoréxica, 
yo tener para ti dinero, 
edificios, mansiones, hasta un avión”.
“De  ti no quiero ni maiz”, dijo la parca, 
“Tú no tienes  amigos,
y de espíritu eres pobretón, 
además  vas a  perder la elección,  
y deja en paz a los  migrantes 
que tanto los cuido yo”. 

Via: El Diario

Come to Mexico: We’ll Put you in a Nice Hotel, and have Indians Dance Around you

How nice! I can just lie down here, have a fruit salad and have Indians dance right in front of me

The latest campaign promoting Oaxaca’s famed Guelaguetza Dance Festival trumps over any other cringeworthy images depicting my country’s relationship with its Indians.

Watch as a light-skinned Mexican young lady strolls around Oaxaca (smartphone in tow) snapping pictures of affable, festive Indians dancing around her, even while she enjoys a refreshing beverage in the patio of her hotel.

"I can even have an Indian making me look pretty just like her!"
“I can even have an Indian making me look pretty just like her!”

I seriously thought at first this was a joke. Alas, it is not and the campaign is on the air an in full swing, as the Guelaguetza kicks off July 21.

via: Despertar de Oaxaca