‘Beso’, Home of the $34 Tortilla Española, Will Expand. And I Still Won’t be able to Afford it


My favorite retro-acculturated Latina, Eva Longoria, is so hyped about the success of her Hollywood eatery Beso, that she’s going to expand it soon, with Beso Vegas expected to open on New Year’s Eve 2010.

But wait! My very well-informed sources claim she is also looking to open up smaller eateries at airports around the country… but since they are going to have a limited menu, she is going to name them Besitos. [Which made me think, oh, oh, how corny cute!]

In addition to Eva’s tortilla soup and Eva’s avocado guacamole [sic] Beso features a $34 tortilla española and a $36 Beso paella, because there is nothing like European stuff to spice up your Latin-infused menu and make diners pay through the nose.

(Hungry? Download here the full Dinner_Menu)

3 thoughts on “‘Beso’, Home of the $34 Tortilla Española, Will Expand. And I Still Won’t be able to Afford it

  1. Mi madre hace tortilla española autentica por $5. And I’m sure it’s **at least** as good as the $34 one.

  2. ejqueeeee…
    A ver, o la paella es pa’ella o la tortilla es de oro fino, porque no me explico la diferencia de precio. Lo de Besitos, en dos palabras, im prezionante.

  3. I guess we’ll soon be seeing the introduction of Eva’s Designer Comal, upon which those pinche $34 tortillas will be prepared.

    I’m holding out for the $68 tripitas tacos!

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