KFC Wants You to Know That Eating Junk Food is Better, Cheaper than Cooking at Home

Watch as a presumably-single, working Hispanic mom challenges her kids to cook a 7-piece meal with less than $10 and then -wisely- conclude they are all better off eating junk, Kentucky Fried Chicken.

Because, really, how else are you going to feed your increasingly fat Latino kids if not with a super cheap dose of fried food, soda and gravy-filled mash potatoes? [What ever happened to our tomatillo & cilantro-rich diet?]

I bet Dr. Manny is going to get a heart attack over this one.

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7 Responses to KFC Wants You to Know That Eating Junk Food is Better, Cheaper than Cooking at Home

  1. Grace says:

    Ugh….KFC. what a bad commercial. Not to mention, you can make that meal for ten bucks.

  2. Antonio says:

    7-piece meal without messing up your kitchen: $9.99. Cholesterol and coronary disease for the entire Hispanic family: PRICELESS

  3. khoirul says:

    better your own cooking.

    to feed your children with junk food, might as well give them poison

  4. There ought to be a law…… prohibiting this kind of $&?*@ (can I say that?) advertising.

  5. Not to defend KFC or KGC as it seems to want to be known today (Kentucky Grilled Chicken) but in Mexico we do eat in highly unsanitary taco stands in the middle of the sidewalk where dishes are re-washed in dirty water. And, yes, even Mexicans get sick from them. Let’s not get “mas papistas que el papa” please.

  6. latinbeauty says:

    Marcelo: Point taken; except Mexican ‘taqueros’ do not hire a specialized advertising agency and spend a media fortune to tell mothers that eating these disgusting tacos en la calle is better / cheaper than cooking at home.

    And THAT is the difference….

  7. Marcelo says:

    As an ad pro, I wish EVERYONE hired highly-priced specialized ad agencies. I wish EVERYONE hired highly-priced, highly-experienced, trilingual ad executives… gorditos and with white hair mejor!

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