Hispanic New Yorkers Find Novel Way to Mess Up their Offspring

If you thought U.S.-born Hispanics didn’t have enough tribulations, consider this: Their parents have found a novel way to screw them up from a very tender age, by giving them names their abuela (and probably themselves) will not be able to pronounce.

According to the New York City Department of Health, the most popular name among Hispanic males is now Jayden, surpassing the always popular Daniel and Michael, while Ashley is now a favorite among the little Latinas.

Other names in the top ten among Hispanics: Brandon, Genesis, Joshua and Brianna.

[And you want us to grow up like normal people?]

What ever happened to José and Lupita?

6 thoughts on “Hispanic New Yorkers Find Novel Way to Mess Up their Offspring

  1. Mixed families can’t win. The Anglo relatives mangle the Spanish names. The Hispanic relatives say “¿Por qué le pusiste un nombre tan feo?”

    Or as my mother used to say, “En Estados Unidos hay unas Lindas que son bien feas.”

  2. Es verdad, no entiendo porq familias Hispanas les estan dando estos tipos de nombres a sus hijo(a)s?!

    No ven q ya es suficientemente dificil naciendo dentro de este sistema y ademas le quieren añadir mas dificultades! Ay Dios mio…

  3. Oh the ‘what’s in a name’ issue!

    For me, growing up in Cali with a very “spanish” name was an interesting experience. The first day of school was always interesting as I had to “educate” my new teachers on how to properly pronounce my name.

    How many times have I heard, “I’m sorry but how do you say your name again”

    But I got used to it and eventually became very proud of my name and loved it’s uniqueness and it’s meaning!

    After all, when I hear someone call my name, it’s usually me they’re talking to. I never had to hear a name like “Jennifer” for example and 20 people turn their head! LOL!

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